Bridge Home for Children

Our Mission

Mission Statement

Our mission is to  provide life skills, self-esteem, educational support, and a loving family environment to children from disadvantaged backgrounds, to enable them to succeed in life as responsible and meaningful members in the community. 

The Bridge is a residential home providing everything that a loving family should:

Consistent structure, building self-esteem, nurturing, life skills, and parenting skills. We provide individual and family therapy, educational assistance and advocacy, summer camps, connection to community involvement including concerts and church attendance, and recreational activities such as formal dances and growing vegetables in their own garden.


Services Provided

Medical services
Individual and family therapy
Parenting classes
Life skills
Educational advocacy and assistance
Career development
Spiritual enlightenment
Social skills development
Anger management
Behavior modification and management
Substance abuse counseling


The Bridge creates a safety net for children who fall through the cracks between foster homes and large institutional facilities. We combine structure and treatment, and a loving home-like environment.

We operate two state-licensed facilities: 

Bridge I serves girls ages 8-18 who are victims of abuse and neglect. Bridge II serves teen moms and expectant mothers ages 12-18, and is one of few programs where mothers with behavior issues and can be placed with their infants. Bonding is key, enriching the life of the young mother and child, creating a better future for both.

Help support The Bridge

The cost of housing and providing services for each child is significant. Help create a secure home for Kansas City's most vulnerable children. We appreciate your help!